Restaurant & Bar Cleaning

From sanitizing and disinfecting to general maintenance cleaning, our experienced team is ready to handle any restaurant and hospitality cleaning requests.


Protect The Reputation Of Your Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Pubs, & Bars.

The cleanliness of your restaurant/coffee shop/pubs/bars needs to be constantly supervised just like your food before you serve them to your customers. This is especially important after the pandemic because your customers are much more aware of hygiene. Without immaculate hygiene, your restaurant’s atmosphere will overshadow even great food, service, and brand. And what could have been avoided will affect your restaurant’s reputation and customer retention. This isn’t a situation that you deserve as all local restaurants deserve to thrive. This is why we offer deep cleaning services that wash, scrub, and polish every corner of your restaurant and kitchen from the front entrance to the back exit door. We pay particular attention to your entrance and dining area so that you can leave a positive impression on your customers before your host even sits them at their table. Don’t even worry about winter muddy stains on the floor or crumbs on your carpet because we will keep an eye on it.

Why Rely On Us?

The reason we are your number #1restaurant cleaning company choice is that we provide all our staff comprehensive training for our high-standard hospitality cleaning process. Professionally uniformed and insured, we equip them for every cleaning task that is fully customized for your specific cleaning needs. Moreover, we use Ecologo certified and our eco-friendly cleaners. Together, we collaboratively contribute to a better healthier environment inside and outside of your doors.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

We back our promises with Quality Assurance Guarantee. That means we are willing to make a dutiful return to your establishment to clean that last speck upon your request. Our managers conduct onsite inspections and are always available 24/7 through our dedicated mobile app and direct via phone at any time.


Clear Water Cleaning Solutions is a one stop Calgary commercial cleaning company that focuses on providing the highest level of cleaning services and supplies. CWCS strives to be the leading janitorial company not only in Calgary but across Canada.


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