High Rise Condo and Apartment Cleaning

From sanitizing and disinfecting to general maintenance cleaning, our experienced team is ready to handle any property cleaning requests.


Attract More Tenants & Strengthens The Image Of Your Condo

Every detail makes or breaks the sense of luxury of your condo building. Exterior and interior design, location, service, amenities, and cleanliness. As you can imagine, thoroughly cleaning your condo would take up the most time and effort for you and your staff. It would distract your team from focusing on what’s most important which is tenant service, care and leasing or sales for your building.

This is why we offer deep cleaning services that clean and polish your condo from the ground floor to the top floor with a sleek finish. Our goal is to ensure your condo looks as elegant as how you advertise it so that every potential tenant who visits realizes the integrity of your promise. In the long-term, this strengthens the brand of your condo in public eyes. We also want to instil a sense of “home-sweet-home” for your existing tenants to not only keep them happy but also enhance the image of your customer service. We believe that happy tenants who are proud of where they live are the best advocates for your condo. And that itself is effective promotion. All these are the outcomes we strive to accomplish for you.

Why Rely On Us?

The reason we are your number #1 property and condo cleaning choice is that we provide all our staff comprehensive training for our high-standard cleaning process. Professionally uniformed and insured, we equip them for every cleaning task that is fully customized for your specific cleaning needs. Moreover, we use Ecologo certified and our eco-friendly cleaners. Together, we collaboratively contribute to a better healthier environment inside and outside of your doors.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

We back our promises with Quality Assurance Guarantee. That means we are willing to make a dutiful return to your establishment to clean that last speck upon your request. Our managers conduct onsite inspections and are always available 24/7 through our dedicated mobile app and direct via phone at any time.


Clear Water Cleaning Solutions is a one stop Calgary commercial cleaning company that focuses on providing the highest level of cleaning services and supplies. CWCS strives to be the leading janitorial company not only in Calgary but across Canada.


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